York, PA relies on York Flooring Contractors for the selection and quality they need when looking for residential and commercial carpet. With decades of experience, we have seen technology change and carpet along with it. New yarns are more durable yet softer and easier to keep clean. Warranties for both residential and commercial carpet have increased significantly. When you’re looking for new carpet for your York, PA home or business, you should give York Flooring Contractors a call. You’ll be glad you did!


York Flooring Contractors has the residential carpet you want!

When it’s time to replace old, worn, outdated carpet in your York PA home, York flooring contractors is your local source for the latest in styles, colors, textures and weaves. Today’s yarns are far softer and more durable than what was available only a few years ago.

Carpet is ideal for bedrooms, living and family rooms, even basement areas that are not subject to occasional water infiltration. It adds beauty and warmth to any space and is by far the most comfortable option. Coupled with a dense pad equipped with a moisture barrier, carpets today can last for many years and with regular cleaning will look beautiful throughout their life span.


York Flooring Contractors knows what your office needs!

Carpet also has many commercial applications. Offices, break rooms, corridors all can benefit from the insulating and sound deadening qualities of today’s carpets to make the work environment warmer and more inviting. Commercial carpets, especially carpet tiles, are ideal for personal care facilities where ease of movement of carts and wheelchairs are of great importance. Should one or more tiles become worn or damaged they can be replaced without expensive, invasive repairs or entire floor replacements.

York flooring contractors will be happy to assist you in selecting the best carpet for your York PA home or office then install it in a timely manner according to industry standards, which protects your warranty. We are passionate about making certain your space looks amazing and will help you achieve your vision.